Greetings.  We just returned from Colombia.  We spent a couple weeks there visiting our daughter who is teaching music at the international school. It was wonderful to spend time with our daughter. We traveled around and learned about the history and way of life.  The country is steeped in the Catholic religion and tradition.  It was enjoyable and interesting learning about the Colombian people and their culture.  Although different in some ways we all seem to be very much alike. (Gary)


Here we are July 10, 2010 playing at the Palmer Gulch KOA. We started playing at the KOA in the summer of 1999. We played one night a month. That sure seems like a long time ago. We have been playing for a lot of people from all over the world. Best gig of our lives. Thanks to all who have come to the KOA and sat listened to our music and laughed at our wonderful jokes. (Coyote Ken)

                             Jan. 14, 2018                                      Photo by Greg Gideon