Wonderful campfire music

It was July 2010 - two years ago - that we spent a week at KOA. Thoroughly enjoyed your performance!! I answered your Washington nose question and you gave me an original tracks CD.
I play it frequently -- thoroughly enjoy it -- it always reminds me of
a great week at KOA and Rushmore.
Wonderful campfire music. - Adrian

Love the Jokes

How many ears does John Luke Picard have?

a right ear
a left ear
a final front ear

Yea I know, it's as good as what I heard from you fellas at the KOA
in July [remember the hats gang??]

Just Missed You

Just visited the Rushmore KOA hoping to hear you again. Not this time.
I was pleasantly surprised they had your albums at the counter. Added to my collection.
Keep up the good work! - Steve R.